Adverse effect on biodiversity due to human activity


Adverse effect on biodiversity due to human activity

Adverse Effect on Biodiversity and measures to reduce them

Adverse Effect on Biodiversity

1. Degradation of ecosystem

There are different types of ecosystems, where various living beings are found. Humans, cattle, animals, birds, and plants are terrestrial living beings whereas fish, insects, and snails are aquatic living beings. These ecosystems are adversely affected by human activities like fire in the forest, destruction of forest use of insecticides, developmental works, and explosive materials, and so on. Similarly, the mixing of waste materials into the sources of water affects the water ecosystem. Large animals like tigers, elephants, etc need a large area. The disturbance of the large natural area will create a lack of appropriate habitat for living beings. The disturbance will occur in the ecosystem by their activities.

2. Loss of Habitat

Habitat helps in the conservation of biodiversity. Due to various human activities, like development works, use of insecticides, destruction of forest, firing, there is the loss of natural habitat. It has an adverse effect on the habitat of living beings, which results in the loss of biodiversity. The loss of habitat, consequently, creates competition for their food and in any other aspect. This decreases the number of weak animals and plants. Some of them will be extinct. It affects human beings.

Thus, human activities should not destroy natural habitats
. Instead, the destroyed habitat should be maintained. Conservation activities should be conducted. Afforestation can be done at the local level. The excessive use of chemicals and poison should be restricted. Water resources should be conserved. These efforts conserve the natural environment that conserves biodiversity.

3. Loss of Mobility of Animal and Humans

Degradation in the natural environment causes loss of mobility of living beings. Deforestation, expansion of agricultural land, urbanization, etc are some of the factors that cause degradation in the natural environment. This situation restricts the living beings to survive in a limited area. Thus, the natural environment should be conserved. Dry and open lands should also be made useful for animals and other living beings.

4. Reduction in the Expansion of vegetation

Due to pollution growth, people use agricultural land; destroy the forest and other natural resources. To fulfill the needs of human beings, natural resources are destroyed. Expansion of settlement areas and urbanization is very common. Such activities have caused the loss of forests and habitat for animals, plants, and birds. These effects decline biodiversity. Thus instead of expanding settlement areas, land should be afforested and the grazing field should be conserved.

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