BCA Fifth Semester Books Tribhuvan University (TU)

Tribhuvan University ( TU) has provided students a list of Text Books and Reference Books which will help students read more value able information related to the Syllabus. In the Fifth Semester scholars have to complete their courses on MIS and E-Business, DotNet Technology, Computer Networking, Computer Graphics and Animation, Introduction to Management.

Why Students should read E-books and Online Materials?

It is very costlier method to buy each text books recommended by Tribhuvan University because each books costs around NPR 3,000 or more. So, Student must focus on reading available online materials and PDF or E-Books. Students can either read local books available for their course. These local books are good summery of the text books recommended by University. One of the disadvantage of reading these local books is that these books does not provide detailed knowledge or you can find some topics incomplete and difficult to understand.

Fifth semester books for BCA
Fifth semester books for BCA

EBooks Available For BCA Fifth Semester Tribhuvan University

Tribhuvan University BCA Fifth Semester Syllabus has total five subjects to focus. All these subjects have total 100 marks calculating 40 Practical + 60 Theoretical. Students have to study a new programming language language C# on DotNet Technology.

Note: Free E-Books Will Be Added Soon.

MIS and E-Business [ CACS301 ]

In this course student will have fundamental knowledge of Management Information System and E­ Business. Only local books and teacher guidance is not sufficient to cover core of this course so student have to take help with these eBooks.

Text Books

Electronic Commerce. A Managerial and Social Networks Perspective, New York: Springer.

References Books

Business and Commerce Management. Harlow: Prentice Hall.

E-commerce: Business, Technology, Society 1st Edition.

Management Information System: MANAGING THE DIGITAL FIRM

DotNet Technology [ CACS302 ]

This course covers different concepts of .NET framework. As this will be new programming language for students ebook will be very helpful to gain better understanding. As programming will be very limited in books student must be innovative to learn more by their self.

Text Books

C# 9.0 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference 1st Edition

Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step (9th Edition), John Sharp, Pearson Education.

References Books

C# 7.0 All-in-One For Dummies

Professional C# 7 and .NET Core 2.0

Computer Networking [ CACS303 ]

This course offers detailed concept and structure of networking standards and  principles. Some books have successful to gain good popularity in networking sector and pupils must have these books. Having a physical book is much more important than ebooks because it may also helpful in future.

References Books

Computer Networks (5th Edition)

Data Communications and Networking (McGraw-Hill Forouzan Networking)

Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach 7th Edition

Computer Networks: A Systems Approach

Computer Graphics and Animation [ CACS305 ]

This course is designed to extend students’ knowledge and practice in Graphics hardware, software, and applications . Books only can provide you theoretical portion of any course. To be perfect in practical pupils must have practice in their computers. Practical knowledge is only thing which matter most for carrier of students. Scholars can read these books to gain better understanding.

References Books

Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice

Computer Graphics C Version | Second Edition

Flash CS4 Professional Bible

Introduction to Management [ CAMG 304 ]

This course aims to impact the basic management knowledge, and skills to the students so as to enhance their managerial capabilities and enable them to apply in the practical field. You will need some extra books related to Management and finance to understand this course more deeply.

Text Books

Electronic Commerce. A Managerial and Social Networks Perspective, New York: Springer.

References Books

Principles of Management

Management , Ricky W. Griffin

Management 2nd Michael Hitt

Management & Organisational Behavoiur

As it is already discussed that only local books and teacher guidance is not enough for those who want to be professional in course content. They may need more professional guidance. Teachers are not professional on those course content because their profession is different. An active software developer can teach you how things matters in software development, software development challenges in real life. So, students must actively take participate on reading professional books than a local book.

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