BCA 7th Sem Internship Syllabus TU

In BCA 7th Semester Syllabus internship provides students with practical fieldwork experience. Practical training for industry experience is the internship. It is anticipated that this …

Cloud Computing Syllabus BCA 7th Sem

In the BCA 7th Sem Syllabus TU added cloud computing as a compulsory subject. This course provides in-depth explanations of cloud computing’s concepts, applications, principles, …


TU BCA 7th Semester Electives PDF

TU in BCA 7th Semester assists students in gaining further knowledge in their chosen platform by offering a variety of elective courses that include both …

BCA Seventh Semester Syllabus TU

BCA 7th Semester Syllabus TU PDF

The BCA 7th Semester Syllabus consists of five subjects: three compulsory subjects, Cyber Law and Professional Ethics, Cloud Computing, Internship, and two electives. TU created …


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