Image processing in Graphics | Definition, Types, Steps

image processing on computer

Image processing in simple terms is a process method to convert an image to digital aspects and performs some operation on that image in order to get an optimized image or to extract some important information from it. It uses computer algorithms to provide user demanded output, it can be in the form of an … Read more

10 Important Applications of Computer Graphics

Application areas of computer graphics

Computer Graphics is a tool or a device used to generate pictures by using a computer. The study of these tools is also known as Computer Graphics. All sectors are hugely influenced by the use of computer graphics. The application areas of Computer Graphics range from science, education, engineering, industry, business, entertainment, medicine, simulation, training, … Read more

5 Advantages and Disadvantages Of Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics Merits Vs Demerits

Computer graphics in a general sense is the process of creating designs by using computers. It contains hardware and software also with the design creation, and analysis of real and theoretical ideas. Computer graphics seem more advantageous but it also has some disadvantages. We will discuss very specific 5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Graphics … Read more

Types Of Computer Graphics

Interactive Computer Graphics

As the world becomes increasingly digital, computer graphics have become an essential aspect of modern-day communication. From movies and video games to scientific visualizations and data representation, computer graphics have revolutionized how we perceive and interact with the world around us. In this article, we will explore the different types of computer graphics, their applications, … Read more

What is Computer Graphic? Define

Define Computer Graphics

Drawing images, lines, charts, and other objects using computers and programming is known as computer graphics. In computer graphics, pixels are used. The smallest graphic image or unit displayed on a computer screen is a pixel. In essence, there are two types of computer graphics. Computer Graphics is a field related to the generation of … Read more

What does heterogeneity mean in Software Engineering?

Heterogeneity Challenge in software engineering

In software engineering, heterogeneity refers to the presence of diversity or differences within a system or group. This could refer to the diversity of technologies, platforms, or languages used within a system, or it could refer to the diversity of skills, knowledge, or expertise among the members of a development team. Heterogeneity can be a … Read more


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