7 Basic Human Needs | Basic Necessities

Top basic human need

The basic human needs technique is a classic way of measuring absolute poverty in developing nations. Basic needs are the minimum needs required to live a human life. There are certain things that every family needs. These things include food, roof, clothes, health service, education, etc.  What are basic necessities? All the people in the family … Read more

Relationship of Sociology with other Social Sciences

Relationship Of Sociology with Other Social Sciences

The relationship of Sociology with other sciences is described below in brief. 1. Relationship of Sociology with Anthropology Anthropology is the natural and social science that primarily studies uneducated, illiterate, underdeveloped, indigenous, and small cultural identities through an evolutionary perspective. It studies the small cultural groups as physical and cultural beings. Observation is the most essential … Read more

Characteristics of Status | What are the characteristics of Status of a person?

Nature of Status and Roles – Different types of status Picture for Characteristics of Status of a person(non-copyright form publicdomainpictures.net) The major types of status of a person in Society are 1. Status is a Rank-Order Position An organization has a certain hierarchy to be filled up by which objectives of the organization are cherished. In … Read more

Scopes of Sociology | Major Scopes Of Sociology

Two major Scopes of Sociology – Most Popular scopes of Sociology Picture for Scopes of Sociology (taken form kissclipart.com non copyright) In order to continue the research areas and domain of investigation, the major two schools of thought have given their own opinions in order to demarcate the boundary for a comprehensive understanding of the … Read more

7 Important Nature of Sociology

Nature of sociology

Sociology is a discipline that deals with the study of social Phenomena. It focuses on the imperative understanding of social action in order to arrive at a causal explanation of its course and effect. Sociology shows different characteristics for each field of study. It is very essential to understand the nature of sociology before using … Read more

Relation Between Sociology and Technology – Explained

Sociology and technology

In today’s rapidly evolving world, sociology and technology are undeniably intertwined. Sociology intersects in numerous ways as the study of society and human behavior, and technology, as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. This article delves into the relationship between sociology and technology, exploring their mutual influence and the social implications of technological … Read more


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