Best Characteristics of the computer | Top features of the computer

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The computer becomes the most useful machine in today’s world due to its unique features from human and other artificial things. Those special features make the usage of the computer so popular.  Everyone uses the computer in this modern era.

characteristics of computer
characteristics of computer

“The computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before.”
— Bill Gates

Does anything work for weeks without taking rest and fatigue? if yes then that’s a computer programmed machine. Let’s see some such special qualities of computer which makes it take place in every sector.

The Best Characteristics/features of the computer

1. Speed

Speed is one of the most important features of a computer that we concern before buying our computer. The computer is widely used because it is very fast as it is an electronic device. Every signal can pass at the speed of electricity which is near to the speed of light i.e. 20977×108 m/sec. The computer can perform a variety of tasks within a fragment of a second. The speed of the computer is measured in Millions of Instruction per second (MIPS). It means the computer can handle millions of instructions at a time. The time taken by the computer to perform an operation is called the processing speed of a computer. The processing speed of the computer is measured in MegaHertz (MHz) or GigaHertz (GHz) mega means millions and hertz mean times per second. The main factor that determines the speed of the computer is the CPU’s clock speed. The speed at which the CPU executes the instruction is called the clock rate.

2. Accuracy

The computer is supposed to be an accurate machine so it is used in very complex calculations. It can perform every calculation with the same accuracy and speed. The degree of accuracy of the computer depends on its design. It doesn’t make any mistake if the entered data is correct the output will also 100% correct. Sometimes the error occurs due to the wrong input which is referred to as Garbage In Garbage Out (GIGO) and if the error occurs due to the malfunction of the computer hardware called Bug.

3. Diligence

The capacity of a computer performing the same task repeatedly many times without filling tiredness, boring, lack concentration, and fatigue with the same speed and accuracy if it is provided with a suitable environment and correct instruction. Computers and computer-operated machines can work for hours without creating any errors with the same accuracy and speed. It is free from tiredness, weakness, and lack of concentration.

4. Versatile

Versatile means that it can be used in various fields since the computer is a versatile machine that is used in every field to increase the efficiency of work and make the work easier to handle. The application of computers has covered all areas like in hospitals, fields, industries, universities, scientific research, etc. A computer can perform different types of work depending upon the program fed to it. It can perform many types of jobs at the same time which is known as multitasking.

5. Automatic

Being a programmable machine modern computer can perform its work automatically once it is programmed in such a way to take a series of tasks after it has been started. Once the program begins to execute then it loads a series of programs continuously without in command of the human operators. Hence the computer is an automatic machine.

6. Storage Capacity

A computer stores its programs, files, and users’ file for future reference. Greater storage capacity is the need of today’s generation to store huge amounts of data. It has a storage area which is known as memory. Any data stored in memory can be retrieved at any time and at a very high speed. The storage capacity of a computer can be measured in terms of byte, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, etc.

7. Reliability 

Anything can reliable if that doesn’t make errors while working and fulfills the user’s assumption. Since a computer is a programmable machine it can be programmed in a way to fulfill the user demands. It is free from tiredness, mistakes, and can work in every field. Due to its reliability, it is used wide

Best Characteristics of the computer | Top features of the computer

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