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Defnintion of IDEK

Idek stands for “I don’t even know ” and it uses in texting informal messages like emails, chatting, and even in informal conversation. Idek meaning ” I don’t even know” evolved due to idk which means “I don’t know”. idek meaning in a text is used in informal messaging.

IDEK Meaning described
IDEK Meaning described

idek meaning

Idek is slang which is an abbreviation of the word phrase ‘ i don’t even know”. Such slang can only be used in informal texting. Idek meaning “I don’t even know” is modified by new generation social media users. Such short slang makes it easy to write and give complete information. Replying in a fast and stylish way is one of the major advantages of such slang. It is very important to know this slang because almost all your friends are using this slang and when you encountered these words then we begin to search on google ” what does idek mean” and sometimes we have to feel shy of Such little meanings. 

These types of slang come in trends very rapidly because they are involved in memes, gifs on social media. We know the power of social medial, it can make popular anything within hours. 

idek meaning in text

Since this slang is mostly using in informal conversation on social media platforms or talking with your friends so it is necessary to know the meaning of these slang words. idek meaning in a text is the same “I don’t even know”. IDK and idek are the same only idek have an extra word in the middle. This extra word shows that he/she also doesn’t know what others asking or talking about. idrk which also has a similar meaning but has “r” in place of “e”.
Don’t feel shame if you did know about it because this keyword in google trends really has a high search rate that means many people don’t know about it till now. Try to be happy and learn such meaningful slang.

For Example: 
Person 1:
Do you want to read about malnutrition?
Person 2: IDEK what that malnutrition bro.

 Do you know this slang?

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