Live Delightful | 10 Rules to make a happy life

Searching for happiness in your life will start with a little question which must be asked from yourself what makes you happy in life. Usually a person always after those activities which makes them really happy at present or maybe in the future. Let me share some of my thoughts which are personal and some guided by counselors, motivators which will make you confident to live a happy life.

Rules to make a happy life
How can we make our life happy

What makes you happy in life

Searching for happiness in your life will start with a little question which must be asked from yourself what makes you happy in life. Usually a person always after those activities which makes them really happy at present or maybe in the future. The things which make you happy in life maybe self dependable. Living a happy life is everyone’s dream in life. Each and every individual always tries to do the activities which really intended to bring happiness in their life. Every family uses its best effort to bring happiness to the family. The first step of getting economic prosperity is being happy and content in life otherwise, it can have psychological and emotional impacts on human life.

How to Become Perfectly Happy

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Happiness cannot be measured and achieved with certain indicators only as a human has both subjective and objective perceptions for a happy life but there are some indicators applying which we can at least try our best to make a happy life. What makes you happy in life can be realized by obtaining these measures. This section figures out the signals from which you can easily make increases self-satisfaction that you are living a happy life. 

Rules to make a happy life

1. Small family size

Many family members mean big family size and a first step towards the low quality of life which directly impacts the happiness in the life of all members living in the family. More family members need more resources and to fulfill these resources one has to do a really great job. When family members are more, the demands of the family are more and it is difficult for the family to fulfill their demands. Less member of the family means easy fulfillment of needs. This way family can lead to a quality and happy life even with a small income and less struggle.

2. Quality education

Quality education is every young person’s dream and the responsibility of parents. Knowledge is one thing that you need to make your life happy with the things which you have. Children going to school just to please their parents have no value nowadays. When children become mature to think about their happiness in current or future situations they start getting knowledge themself. For the quality of life and happy life, education is needed. Everywhere, there is an appreciation for passing exams with marks of distinction. Good jobs come with excellent marks, good knowledge, and a perfect experience. Job has to be sustainable to have quality living and happy life. Changing jobs like a rolling stone cannot provide desired to live as needed by the quality of life and cannot make you happy in life.

3. Right age at marriage

Marriage is a social institution between men and women. If they marry at right is they can get quality of life with good education, good health status, economic independence, and good income which is essential to make you happy in life. If marriage is not done at an appropriate age it can increase burdens and ruins a happy and qualitative life. To maintain a happy life you must achieve emotional, psychological, and basic needs to maintain your quality of life.

4. Health and Sanitation

Personal hygiene and Clean surroundings are important to stay healthy for individuals, families, and communities. Safe drinking water, nutritious food systematic disposal of drain water, and sewage are necessary for healthy living. Other ways to maintain good health are regular exercise, satisfactory jobs, regular health check-ups, timely immunization for children, etc.

5. Saving

Saving can upgrade the life of an individual or family member. It can provide economic as well as emotional securities to the family, most probably to the earner of the family. Savings helps to bring the quality of life in the family because it can be invested in the portable business and have extra income for family members. Saving needs to be a huge amount and can be started with a small amount. What matters most is that it should not be interrupted and should not lead to the condition of over withdrawing from the bank. All the members of the family should help him head of the family in this respect in order to make you happy in life. 

6. Nutritious food

Food is very important for human life to be able to do daily activities. Too much of it and too little of it, both conditions have an adverse effect on health. Nutritious food does not include the food lavishly prepared and served at Big hotels and restaurants. Nutritious food can be simple vegetarian food prepared at home with contents from the kitchen garden. For good nutrition, the family should have freshly prepared food with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, and locally available and seasonal foods.

7. The right age for the first conception

Everyone expects couples to have a baby e after their marriage what should be planned by a couple according to their continence. Corpus themselves also need some quality time for each other. If they have the first baby a few years after their marriage then it would give them time to know each other when and make their married life qualitative with better understanding because they get ample time for themselves.

8. Appropriate birth spacing

It is right to decide the birth spacing between their children. Many aspects can interfere with their decision South as supporting family members, economic status, mental preparation, etc. Most working parents may not attempt for the next baby due to their leg of time but it is advisable to have at least two children which is beneficial for both parents and baby. Therefore, the appropriate birth spacing between two children can be 4-6 years apart. This gives the mother and baby enough time for love, care, and good health, hence leading to a happy life.

9. Gender equality

Happy family and house are the ones, which give respect to women and their opinions. Women have a great role in providing a family with quality living. Most of the household responsibilities are accomplished with the help of female members of the family. They have many reproductive responsibilities as well during the childbearing and rearing process in life. Engaging in job and economic activities is also another important responsibility of a woman. If they are provided with facilities for gender equality and women empowerment, it is like icing on the cake. Gender equality means providing equal rights and responsibilities to women. Women are well provided with responsibilities but not with due rights. Providing them rights on decision-making, expression of opinions, and feel involved in the planning of family affairs their works can take the family to a great height of the quality of life and make your life happy.

10. Responsible parenthood

Parenthood is a natural and inevitable phenomenon after marriage. It is expected off after the couple enters into the Institution of Matrimony. Although much energy and effort may not be necessary to conceive babies and give birth to them bot to fulfill parental responsibilities is very difficult and complex for them. A lot of patience, great diplomacy, and on stop loving and caring are needed to be successful parents. Parrots themselves have to be models for what they want out of their children. Parental responsibilities have no boundaries and limits. Parents become successful to bring the quality of life to the family if they deal with their children with respect, consider them as their friends and share their feelings, problems and assist them to make the right decisions in life.


It is not easy in this competitive world to have a happy and delightful daily life. Above stated rules to make your life happy are listed by the caring overall population. Some points may not match with a single individual but these are the basic rules to make your life. Following these rules will lead you toward a happier future. Hope you like this article. I will be very happy to know your comments on this.

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