Main Storage devices in a computer

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Storage devices are one of the major components of computer systems. These storage devices are using to store users’ data and information for long-term and short-term use. Storage devices are also very important for the processing capacity of computers. There are two types of storage devices used in computers are Primary Storage Devices and Secondary Storage Devices.

Memory devices in computer
Memory devices in computer

Primary Memory Devices

The primary memory devices are the type of hardware used to store the data and instructions which is to be executed on the computer. This is also known as internal or main memory which also stores the necessary applications for the computer operation. This is fast, expensive, and temporary memory than the secondary memory used in computers. The primary memory can be in the following types. They are:

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Memory (RAM) is temporary or volatile memory because its contents are lost when the computer is switched off. Which type of memory allows both reading and writing operations on data. Types of Ram SRAM and DRAM.

Read Only Memory (ROM)

Read-only memory is the permanent or nonvolatile memory of the computer because its contents Are Not Lost when the computer is switched off. This is a type of memory that allows only reading operation on the data. Types of ROM: PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, etc.

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Secondary Storage Devices

The secondary storage device is also known as auxiliary or additional devices are used to store the data and programs for future propose. They are permanent, inexpensive, and can store use amount of data than primary memory devices. Examples of secondary storage devices are Hard Disc, Magnetic tape, CD, DVD, Blu Ray Disc, etc.

Main Storage devices in a computer

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