100+ Important Computer Graphics MCQ

100+ Important Computer Graphics MCQ

Are you ready to test your knowledge of computer graphics or preparing for exams? Dive into the world of computer graphics MCQs, where each question challenges your understanding and sharpens your skills in this dynamic field. In brief, computer graphics MCQs cover a wide array of topics, from fundamental concepts to advanced techniques. Whether you’re … Read more

Top 100 Computer Graphics Viva Questions

Viva questions for computer graphics

Are you gearing up for your Computer Graphics Viva? Wondering what questions might pop up? Well, worry not! In this blog post, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list of Computer Graphics Viva Questions that will help you ace your examination. Curious about the kind of questions you might encounter? Let’s dive into a … Read more

Logical Input Devices In Computer Graphics

Logical Input Devices In Computer Graphics

Logical input devices in computer graphics are not actual physical devices but are software representations and abstractions of input devices. They allow users and programmers to interact with the graphics system in a standardized way without worrying about the hardware specifics. Examples of logical input devices in computer graphics include logical keyboards, locators like a … Read more

Computer Graphics Input Devices

10 Computer Graphics Input Devices

In this digital era, the canvas is no longer confined to paper, and the brush has transformed into a myriad of computer graphics input devices. These devices, aptly named as computer graphics input devices, play a pivotal role in translating the artist’s imagination into vibrant, pixel-perfect masterpieces. These devices, designed to bridge the gap between … Read more

10 Importance of Computer Graphics

5 Importances of computer grahics

Study the work of doctors, engineers, scientists, architects, etc., and you will know the importance of computer graphics. Graphics is increasing its working area due to the advancement in technology. Moreover, those sectors mainly based on computer graphics usage cannot even exist without it, like publications, content-providing companies, social media, and the Entertainment Sector. Well, … Read more

Image processing in Graphics | Definition, Types, Steps

image processing on computer

Image processing in simple terms is a process method to convert an image to digital aspects and performs some operation on that image in order to get an optimized image or to extract some important information from it. It uses computer algorithms to provide user demanded output, it can be in the form of an … Read more


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