Pokhara University BCA Third Semester [PU 2021]

Pokhara University Syllabus

Pokhara University BCA third semester 2020 updated and refined syllabus. The provided syllabus is the official Pokhara University syllabus and maintained from the original document of the PU Syllabus.  CMP 225.3 System Analysis and Design (3-1-0) Evaluation:   Theory Practical Total Sessional 50 – 50 Final 50 – 50 Total 100 – 100 Course Objectives: … Read more

Tribhuvan University BCA Course Title

Tribhuvan University BCA Course

Objective The objective of the Bachelor of Arts in computer application (BCA) at the faculty of Humanities and social sciences of Tribhuwan University is to construct extreme class computer application users and designers. Duration of Program The program of study for Bachelor of Arts in computer Application (BCA) is over a phase of eight semesters … Read more


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