Oct 17 2022

The practice of applying sustainability concepts to graphic design is known as sustainable graphic design. 

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Many popular companies started using biodegradable materials to follow Sustainable Graphics Design.

- Use Biodegradable prints

Sustainable graphics practices

- Use renewable source of enerty

- Adopt Reusable Design Pattern

-Use VOC and Light Inks

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Sustainable Graphics Design is also known as Eco-friendly Graphics Design

Reduce Waste to maintain sustainability

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Use of environmentally friendly materials, such as papers, inks, etc., inspires designers to create graphics 

Sustainability Balanced By 3 Factors




Popular 5 Sustainable Designers

1. Victor Papanek

2. Deborah Sussman

3. Richard Buckminster Fuller

4. Bruce Mau

5. Curro Claret

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Minimal Design and Light Ink support sustainable Graphics Design

Save Energy and Resources For Future