What are cloud security controls

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Cloud Security Controls are the collection of security controls that gives maximum effort to protect the cloud storage environments against dangerous issues, malicious attacks, and many types of vulnerabilities. These cloud security controls protect the whole infrastructure of the company’s cloud storage.

What are cloud security controls
Cloud Security Controls

Cloud Security Control has a broad meaning in its context which includes all the best practices, techniques, and guidelines that need to be implemented to secure the cloud infrastructure of the company. Cloud security controls support companies’ address, evaluate, and implement cloud security to the servers. Cloud security architecture will be advantageous only if the correct defensive implementations are taken to infrastructure. An effective cloud security architecture must recognize the issues that take place with cloud infrastructure and informs security management. When security management knows about this issue and they solve this issue with the help of cloud security controls. These security controls safeguard any issues to minimize the effect of an attack.

Types of Cloud Security Controls

1. Deterrent Controls

Deterrent security controls discourage any users to minimize illegal activities in a cloud system. These controls are supposed to reduce attacks on a cloud infrastructure. It is a very simple type of security control. It alerts any attackers if they try to do the adverse type of activities. 

2. Preventive Controls

Preventives security controls make cloud security strong by eliminating illegal activities. It gives maximum effort to reduce the vulnerabilities. It does not directly eliminate the issues either suppress that illegal activity. Strong authentication and a tight user management system helps to minimize issues. For example, Strong authentication reduces illegal activities by stopping access to the cloud system.

3. Detective Controls

This cloud security control directly takes action to an attack instantly. It reacts to vulnerabilities and incidents appropriately. In the case of an attack, a detective control will signal the preventive or corrective controls to find out issues. A Network manager and cloud security employee always monitor the attacks and vulnerabilities. 

4. Corrective Controls

This type of cloud security control focuses on reducing the consequences of an attack, generally by limiting the damage. Its utilization is done during and after the attack. Backup and continuous synchronization comes under it. Restoring system backups after an attack to make the cloud infrastructure normal is one example of corrective cloud controls.

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What are cloud security controls

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