YW | What does yw mean in text? [2021]

Generally, YW means “ You’re WelCome”. It is the shortcut form of You Are Welcome which seems to be a lengthy and classic term. YW is the shorthand of the reply Your welcome is easy and simple. This yw is used in social media replies like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text messages, etc.

What does yw mean
Meaning of Yw

Meaning Of YW

YW is a widely used slang word that is used in the place of “Welcome”. Yw – Slang can be taken as a modern speaking style. When Someone uses this word and you could not understand then you will feel Shame. The abbreviation of You’r Welcome “YW” is very easy and stylish to speak. It becomes popular in the tongue of teenagers instead of saying you are welcome in the reply of Thank You.

YW Meaning For Social  Media Uses

Social media and messaging platforms are very popular and widely used these days and it will increase day by day. Instead of using large and classic words people like to use small, short, and stylish words like YW. Teenagers think that using these popular and stylish slangs makes them unique from others. They continuously increase their efficiency of learning and speaking such terms.

What does YW mean in texting?

Similar Slangs of YW meaning

TYThank You
UWYou are Welcome
URWYou are Welcome
urwelcomeYou are Welcome
YVWYou are very Welcome
YWAYou are Welcome Anyway
Yw meaning other terms
Yw meaning described completely
Yw meaning described completely

TOP 25 Evolving Slangs like YW

  1. Ride: Generally people using this word for traveling on transportation. Now this word is evolved to describe a car as a noun.  For Example, We found a new shirt to match my ride.
  2. Hipster: It is evolved from the word hip which originally meant fashionable but now it is using to describe a self-aware person or artsy person. Example: Our hip grandmother pays the tax, but hipster brother just makes homemade pickles.
  3. Frenemy: It is a new word which is the combination of “friend” and “enemy”. It describes a person who is nearer to both friend and enemy.  Example: “It’s better for you not to hanging out with your frenemy.”
  4. Bromance: This word is one of the most popular among youth which is the combination of “brother” and “romance” which describes an intense friendship between two men. Example: “I haven’t seen Michael since he started hanging out with Jeremy. Their bromance is epic.”
  5. Ginormous:gigantic” and “enormous” are two words responsible for the evolution of these two words mean something very large. Example: “You could find a parking space more easily is your car wasn’t so ginormous.”
  6. 6. BAE: A term of attachment, means “before anyone else,” used between romantic partners that can also be used between close friends. Example: “Bae, you should go for it”
  7. Basic: A simple slang describing someone or something very common or a conformist than others. Example: “Your friends are so basic. Only drinking pumpkin spice lattes because everyone else is.”
  8. Bye Felicia: It slang describes the fast way to tell someone to go away. This term evolved from the 1995 movie Friday. Example: “I am not in that mood. Bye Felicia.” 
  9. Coin: Another way to talk about money. Example: “Rohan’s about to earn some major coin from part-time.”
  10. Dying: The thing that was so funny, you died laughing. Example: “OMG. That standup was hilarious. I’m dying.”
  11. Epic:  EPIC is mostly used slang which is used if somewhat was “epic,” it was highly enjoyable. Example: “Her latest novel was epic.”
  12. Extra: This slang is used if they’re way too dramatic. Example: “His father was always putting him down, calling him extra.”
  13. Fierce: Usually attributed to Beyonce, it describes a strong and independent person ” Example: “He loves her to death. She’s so fierce!”
  14. GOAT: Stands for “greatest of all time” using as a compliment.  Example: “We don’t care what you say, because harry is the goat.”
  15. Lit: The meaning of “lit,” is super cool or “on fire”. Example: “Your last night’s party was lit.”
  16. Low key: If someone or something is “low key,” it means it’s being done under the radar or they don’t want anyone to know. “I low key love Imagine Dragons, but don’t tell anyone!” 
  17. On point: It is used when someone perfectly matches the target.  Example: “This keyword research tool is on point. It looks great.”
  18. 18. Read: To “read”  word is used to call someone for their bad behavior.  Example: “Wow. harry read Monny for filth at last night’s dinner.”
  19. 19. Salty: Very Angry or bitter about something or somebody. Example: “Why are they so salty? I will also help them when they need it.”
  20. Savage: Someone who “roasts” people nonstop and doesn’t care what others will say.  Example: “Cerryminati roast on Tiktok last night was savage.”
  21. Ship: This is the slang short for “romantic relationship”.  Example: “Everyone wants to ship Milan and Kamana, but they say they’re just good friends.
  22. The tea: When someone is taking “the tea,” they’re gossiping, particularly with the juiciest or most dramatic gossip. Example: “Let’s call Sandy. He always has the tea.”
  23. 23. Thirsty: If someone’s “thirsty,” it means they’re a little too eager or even desperate to do something. Example: “Look at the way they dressed for their second date. They were too thirsty.”
  24. 24. Throw shade: To “throw shade”. This word is used to insult or say something unkind about people. Example: “We can’t believe he said that. He just threw some serious shade this time.”
  25. 25. YOLO: Full forme as “you only live once,”. This word is using to encourage people to seize the day. Example: “You should go on that trip to Miami! YOLO!

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