UIL State Marching Contest Schedule 2023

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Are you ready to witness the magic of marching bands in action? The UIL State Marching Contest is just around the corner, and we’ve got all the details you need to make the most of this incredible event. From the schedule and ticket information to parking options and how to catch the action live, we’ve got you covered. Using this UIL State Marching Contest Schedule you can manage your time to align with your daily activities. Let’s dive into the heart-pounding world of the UIL State Marching Contest 2023.

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UIL State Marching Contest Schedule 2023

One of the most anticipated events in the world of marching bands, the UIL State Marching Contest promises three days of musical excellence. Held at the iconic Alamodome in San Antonio, the contest will feature bands from different classifications. Here’s the breakdown of the schedule:

2A/4A/6A Contests – October 30, 31, November 1

  • Session 1: Monday, October 30: 6A Prelims (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • Session 2: Tuesday, October 31: 2A Prelims (morning), 6A Finals (afternoon)
  • Session 3: Tuesday, October 31: 2A Finals (evening)
  • Session 4: Wednesday, November 1: 4A Prelims (morning and afternoon)
  • Session 5: Wednesday, November 1: 4A Finals (evening)

1A/3A/5A Contests – November 6, 7, 8

  • Session 1: Monday, November 6: 5A Prelims (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • Session 2: Tuesday, November 7: 1A Prelims (morning), 5A Finals (afternoon)
  • Session 3: Tuesday, November 7: 1A Finals (evening)
  • Session 4: Wednesday, November 8: 3A Prelims (morning and afternoon)
  • Session 5: Wednesday, November 8: 3A Finals (evening)

Mark your calendar, as this is a musical extravaganza you won’t want to miss. Performance schedules will be posted by 3:00 PM on Sunday, October 22 for the 2A/4A/6A Contests and on Sunday, October 29 for the 1A/3A/5A Contests.

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Ticket Information

To gain access to this symphonic spectacle, you’ll need tickets. The pricing is as follows:

  • Single Session Tickets: $20 plus fees
  • Double Session Tickets: $35 plus fees

Double Session Tickets offer excellent value, and you can choose from various options: Sessions 1 and 2, Sessions 2 and 3, or Sessions 4 and 5. Remember to arrive early to avoid congestion at the doors. The Box Office opens 75 minutes before the first performance of the day, and doors open 45 minutes prior to each session’s first performance.

You can purchase tickets at the Alamodome box office or through Ticketmaster.

Alamodome Clear Bag Policy

Before you head to the Alamodome, take note of their clear bag policy. This policy aims to enhance security and expedite entry. Be sure to review the guidelines on the Alamodome website to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Visit For Policy: https://www.alamodome.com/plan-your-visit/clear-bag-policy

Spectator Parking

Limited on-site spectator parking will be available in Lot B, with the parking fee determined by the City of San Antonio (CARD ONLY). Unfortunately, there are no re-entry privileges. However, overflow parking options are available off-site, so you won’t have to worry about finding a spot.


Capture the captivating moments of the UIL State Marching Contest through the lens. Jolesch Enterprises will provide photography services for the event. Visit their website for stunning photos that truly capture the essence of this musical showdown.

Live Stream

Can’t make it to the Alamodome in person? No worries! The UIL has partnered with the National Association of State High School Associations (NFHS) Network to provide a live stream of the event. Watch the performances from the comfort of your own home by accessing the NFHS Network.

Authorized UIL Merchandise

Don’t forget to check out the official UIL merchandise available on their website. Show your support for these incredible young musicians and bring home a piece of the contest with you.

Future Dates of UIL State Marching Contest

If you can’t make it this year, mark your calendar for future UIL State Marching Contest dates. They’ve got some amazing years ahead, with contests tentatively scheduled through 2028. The music never stops!

Benefits of UIL State Marching Contest

Participating in or attending the UIL State Marching Contest offers several benefits, both for the performers and the audience. Here are some of the advantages and rewards associated with this prestigious event:

  1. Showcasing Musical Talent: The UIL State Marching Contest is a platform for marching bands to showcase their musical and visual artistry. It provides an opportunity for bands to demonstrate their skills and creativity in a competitive and prestigious environment.
  2. Promotion of Music Education: The contest promotes music education in schools. It encourages students to be part of a music program and work collaboratively, which fosters a lifelong appreciation for music and the arts.
  3. Development of Discipline and Work Ethic: Marching band participation teaches students discipline and a strong work ethic. Rehearsing, memorizing music, and perfecting formations require dedication and commitment.
  4. Teamwork and Camaraderie: Being part of a marching band fosters a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Students learn to work together, support each other, and build strong bonds with their fellow band members.
  5. Performance Skills: The contest offers students valuable performance experience. It helps them gain confidence, overcome stage fright, and develop their stage presence, skills that can be beneficial in various aspects of life.
  6. Healthy Competition: Healthy competition is a crucial aspect of the UIL State Marching Contest. Bands compete with one another, challenging each other to improve and strive for excellence. This competitive spirit drives innovation and elevates the quality of performances.
  7. Leadership Opportunities: Many students have the chance to take on leadership roles within their marching bands. Whether as drum majors, section leaders, or captains, these roles teach valuable leadership and organizational skills.
  8. Inspiration and Creativity: The contest inspires creativity among band directors and students. They continually seek new and innovative ways to create captivating performances that captivate the audience.
  9. Cultural Enrichment: Attending the contest can be culturally enriching. Audiences are exposed to a diverse range of musical styles and cultural influences, broadening their horizons and appreciation for different forms of music.
  10. Family and Community Involvement: Marching band often involves family and community support. Parents, friends, and local communities come together to support the band, fostering a sense of pride and unity.
  11. Entertainment Value: For the audience, the UIL State Marching Contest offers a high level of entertainment. Spectators can enjoy live music, intricate formations, and visually stunning performances.
  12. Memories and Traditions: Participation in or attendance at the contest creates lasting memories and traditions for students and their families. These memories can be cherished for a lifetime.
  13. Professional Growth: For band directors and staff, the contest can be a professional development opportunity. It allows them to refine their teaching methods, improve their skills, and learn from other professionals in the field.

In conclusion, the UIL State Marching Contest 2023 is an unforgettable experience for music lovers and marching band enthusiasts. With a jam-packed schedule, incredible performances, and various ways to catch the action, this is an event that should not be missed. Get your tickets, clear bag, and camera ready for a musical journey like no other. See you at the Alamodome!

UIL State Marching Contest Schedule 2023

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