New GRE Structure 2023 – Updated Syllabus

New GRE Test Syllabus September 2023

ETS recently made updates to the GRE General Test structure in September 2023. The new GRE syllabus shortens the test but keeps the same value as before. There are minor changes in the math and language sections, but a big change happens in the Analytical Writing (AWA) section. This article will explore the new GRE … Read more

UIL State Marching Contest Schedule 2023

UIL State Marching Contest Schedule

Are you ready to witness the magic of marching bands in action? The UIL State Marching Contest is just around the corner, and we’ve got all the details you need to make the most of this incredible event. From the schedule and ticket information to parking options and how to catch the action live, we’ve … Read more

12 Tips to Crack the Cloud Digital Leader Test

Tips to Crack the Cloud Digital Leader Test

The Cloud Digital Leader certification is an esteemed credential that demonstrates your proficiency in Google Cloud’s core products and services. To achieve success in the certification exam, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing basics and how Google Cloud can empower organizations. In this blog post, I will explore 12 effective strategies … Read more

10 Importance of Computer Graphics

5 Importances of computer grahics

Study the work of doctors, engineers, scientists, architects, etc., and you will know the importance of computer graphics. Graphics is increasing its working area due to the advancement in technology. Moreover, those sectors mainly based on computer graphics usage cannot even exist without it, like publications, content-providing companies, social media, and the Entertainment Sector. Well, … Read more

Image processing in Graphics | Definition, Types, Steps

image processing on computer

Image processing in simple terms is a process method to convert an image to digital aspects and performs some operation on that image in order to get an optimized image or to extract some important information from it. It uses computer algorithms to provide user demanded output, it can be in the form of an … Read more

10 Important Applications of Computer Graphics

Application areas of computer graphics

Computer Graphics is a tool or a device used to generate pictures by using a computer. The study of these tools is also known as Computer Graphics. All sectors are hugely influenced by the use of computer graphics. The application areas of Computer Graphics range from science, education, engineering, industry, business, entertainment, medicine, simulation, training, … Read more


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