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What are the characteristics of developing countries | Problems of developing countries

MyedutownJan 19, 20207 min read

Characteristics of developing countries – Problems of developing countriesThe developing countries are those countries of the world, which have lower per capita…

Definition Of Economics | Criticisms of Robbin’s Definition

MyedutownJan 19, 20203 min read

Criticisms of Robbins Definition | Drawbacks of Robbins DefinitionCriticisms of Robbins Definition pictureDefinition of EconomicsEconomics is the social science that studies…

Meaning and indicator of economic development | Meaning of Economic Development

MyedutownJan 19, 20205 min read

Definition and Meaning of Economic DevelopmentPicture for Economic Development ( concept of economic development is dynamic and multidimensional. This concept…

How to increase the Capital of Business | Ways to Increase capital formation

MyedutownJan 21, 20203 min read

MEANING OF CAPITAL FORMATION – STAGES OF CAPITAL FORMATION Process of Capital Formation (non-copyright form of CapitalCapital formation is defined…

Indicators of Economics Development | Top 5 indicators of economics growth

MyedutownJan 23, 20205 min read

Indicators of Economics Development – Main indicators of economic growth of a nation.Indicators of the economics development picture  Indicators of…

Major 8 Types of Unemployment

MyedutownJan 24, 20206 min read

Unemployment is defined as the non-availability of the job (works) for people able and willing to work at the existing…


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