Syllabus of BCA Pokhara University

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Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) Pokhara University complete syllabus introduction. You will find all semester syllabus of Pokhara University in easy and understandable format of official Pokhara University Syllabus documents. This course is designed by the BCA Pokhara University of Nepal.

Pokhara University BCA
Pokhara University BCA

Introduction to Course (taken from Pokhara University Published syllabus)

General information to the syllabus of BCA Pokhara University

1. Title The title of the program is Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) under the science and Technology Faculty.

2. Objectives: The objectives of the Programme shall be to provide the sound academic base from which an advanced career in Computer Application and related fields can be developed. Conceptual grounding in computer usage, as well as its practical scientific business application, will be provided. 

3. Duration: The duration of the B.C.A. Degree Program shall be Four years divided into eight semesters.

Course Structure of BCA Pokhara University

The program follows the credit system. Each course is assigned a certain number of credits depending generally upon its lecture, tutorial, and practical work hours in a week. In theory subjects, one lecture per week is assigned one credit as a general rule. 

The BCA course comprises a total of 126 credit hours spreading over eight semesters with the following distinct components: 

Analytical Tools: Five courses (15 credit hours in analytical areas to provide a student with a strong foundation required for the program. 

Support Areas: Six courses (18 credit understanding of the business environment with communicative skill development.) 

Hardware Areas: Four courses (12 credit hours) in computer hardware to provide a student with an opportunity to gain real-life practical experiences in computer hardware. This will also help students in programming in better concepts with internal activities. 

Core Areas: Twenty courses (62 credit hours) to help a student broaden the understanding of various facets of computer application in real life. 

Project Work: Four projects (10 credit hours) help to a student to deal with real-life problem of computer application for their sound practical exposure. 

Internship: This internship (3 credit hours) course is most useful to help a student to deal with real-time system development. 

Elective Area: There are two elective courses (6 credit hours) that are most applicable to the students who are interested to be specialized in their interest fields. Two additional elective courses can be offered to the students but CGPA is not affected.

Analytical Tools in the curriculum of BCA Pokhara University: 

  • Mathematics –I 
  • Mathematics – II 
  • Numerical Methods 
  • Probability and Statistics 
  • Mathematical Foundation and Computer Science 
  • Support Areas: 
  • English – I 
  • Business and Technical Communication 
  • Financial Accounting I
  • Financial Accounting – II 
  • Economics Organization Management 
  • Hardware Areas: 
  • Digital Logic System 
  • Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics 
  • Microprocessor 
  • Computer Architecture 
  • Core Areas: 
  • Computer Fundamental and Application 
  •  Programming Logic and Techniques 
  • Programming Language 
  • Object-Oriented Programming  
  • Data Structure and Algorithms 
  • System Analysis and Design 
  • Visual Programming 
  • Operating System 
  • Database Management System 
  • Computer Graphics & Multimedia Technology 
  • Network and Data Communication 
  • Web Programming  
  • Management Information System 
  • Software Engineering 
  • Electronic Commerce 
  • Server-Side Programming 
  • Simulation and Modeling 
  • Java Programming 
  • Advance Java Programming 
  • Linux 

Project Areas in course of BCA Pokhara University: 

  • Project I 
  • Project II 
  • Project III 
  • Project IV 

Elective Areas in the syllabus of BCA Pokhara University : 

  • Elective I 
  • Elective II 
Electives in Syllabus of BCA Pokhara University

     Computer                                                                          Management

1. Geographical Information System                     1. Project Management

2. Artificial Intelligence                                             2. International Business 

3. Distributed Database System                             3. Promotion Management 

4. COM/DCOM Programming                                 4. International Marketing 

5. Advanced Techniques in Programming           5. Marketing Management 

6. Data Mining and Warehousing                          6. Sales Management 

7. Advanced Multimedia

9. Advance Database (PL/SQL)

10. Dot (.) Net Programming.

11. Cloud Computing

12. WAP and WML

13. Information and Network Securit

14. Software Testing and Project Management


16. Embedded System 

Each course is identified by the course code followed by the course title (e.g., Eng 101.3 English–I etc). 

5. Normal and Maximum Duration of stay in the University The normal duration for completing the BCA course is four years. In an exceptional case, however, the student is allowed a normal duration plus four years to complete the course. If a student is unable to complete the course within eight years from the time of admission, the University registration is annulled. 

6. Academic Schedule The academic session consists of two semesters per year. Generally, the Fall Semester (September-February) Starts in September and the Spring Semester (February- August) begins in February, however it may differ slightly in any particular year due to specific circumference. 

7. Medium of Teaching and Examination The medium of instruction and examination for the BCA program will be 

Syllabus of BCA Pokhara University

First SemesterCredit(s)Second SemesterCredit(s)
Programming Logic and Techniques
Digital System
Computer Application
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
1 Credit
Business communication
Programming Language
Financial Accountancy-I
Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronics
3 credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
2 Credits
Third SemesterCredit(s)Fourth SemesterCredit(s)
Data Structure& Algorithms
Object-Oriented Programming
System Analysis and Design
Financial accountancy-II
Management Information System
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
Visual Programming
Numerical Methods
Operating System
Database Management System
Computer Graphics
3 credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
4 Credits
Fifth SemesterCredit(s)Sixth SemesterCredit(s)
Networks & Data Communication
Computer Architecture
Web Programming–I
Java Programming
Management Information System
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
Multimedia Technology
Software Engineering
Web Programming -II
Probability & Statistics
3 credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
4 Credits
Seventh SemesterCredit(s)Eighth SemesterCredit(s)
Electronic Commerce
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
3 Credits
Organization Management
Final Project
3 credits
3 Credits
6 Credits
3 Credits
Syllabus of BCA Pokhara University
Pokhara University
Pokhara University

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Syllabus of BCA Pokhara University

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