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Tribhuvan University BCA Course
Tribhuvan University BCA Cource


The objective of the Bachelor of Arts in computer application (BCA) at the faculty of Humanities and social sciences of Tribhuwan University is to construct extreme class computer application users and designers.

Duration of Program

The program of study for Bachelor of Arts in computer Application (BCA) is over a phase of eight semesters (your academic year). The educational year begins in the September and February of each year

The medium of study and examination

The medium of teaching and Examination in the Bachelor of Arts in computer Application (BCA) Program shall be English.

Entrance Necessity

The entry prerequisite for students in Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA) is middle Level or Higher secondary Level (10+2) or equivalent in any discipline from a standard institution with at least second division (45%) marks. Besides the basic academic requirement, an entrance examination will be managed for all applicants by the concerned Dean’s office.

Admission Process

The entrance test application form and the information catalog shall be provided on request at the concerned college or section. The concerned college or department inspects the applications. The eligible candidates are informed to appear in the entrance test. The exact date for the entrance test is connected to the applicants by the concerned Dean’s office. The applicants shall be admitted on a merit basis. 

The subjects and weightage of each subject for the Entrance Test will be as follows:

English: 40%
General knowledge:10%

The college may also hold meetings for the candidates before their final choice for admission. The candidates, who are given temporary admission pending submission of the succeeding certificates, are required to submit all necessary papers within a week of the start of regular classes. Otherwise, the admission will be annulled.

Academic Schedule

The educational session of the university contains two semesters per year. The final semester begins in September and the Spring semester starts in February. For the Bachelor of Arts in computer Application (BCA) Program, student admission may create either in the Fall semester or in the spring semester as recognized by the university. Tribhuwan University issues its yearly educational calendar. The related colleges are essential to follow the calendar.

Student evaluation

The scholars’ learning performance during a semester is evaluated using the system of incessant assessment (Initial Assessment and External Valuation). The college or concerned department behaviors the internal assessment during the session and the university conduct the external assessment (Final Examination) at the end of each semester. The final practical examination shall be led by the college or the concerned department and the university will send the external examiner.

Each course shall have internal assessment marks of 40% evaluated by the concerned faculty member. Generally, each course will have a written end semester checkup (Final Examination) of 60% marks at the end of each semester. The internal marks shall be given on the basis of constant assessment. Normally, a final examination is not led for elective courses and in courses that are offered as intensive courses conducted by reputed global professors. The mark weightage and time allocated for different assessment is given below. To pass in a subject, a student must obtain a least of 40% in that subject in internal valuation and a D grade in the final inspection. Students must pass ‘Theory Internal Valuation ‘, ‘practical Assessment’ and ‘Final Examination’ separately.

The Credit Structure

Each course is allocated an assured number of credits dependent usually upon its oration, tutorial, and practical work hours in a week. In theory topics, one lecture per week is given one credit as a common rule.

Grading Scheme

 The grade (marks) given to a learner in a course is based on his/her combined presentation in-sessional and final examinations. The letter grade in any actual subject is an indication of a student’s relative presentation in that course. The pattern of grading is as follows:

Only in very occasional and unusual conditions, if a student cannot end all the essential work for the course. He/she may be given a lacking grade “I”. If all the required work is not finished within the succeeding semester. The grade does not need to register for that subject in the subsequent semester to complete the requisite work.

The execution of a student in a semester shall be estimated in terms of the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) Which is the grade point average for all finished semesters.

SGPA= Total honor points received in a semester/ Total number of credits itemized in a semester

CGPA= Total honor points earned/Total number of credits finished

Attendance Prerequisite

The students must attend every allocation, tutorial, and practical class. However, to adapt for sickness and other contingencies, the presence of Necessity shall be a least 80% of the classes actually held. If a student fails to appear in 80% of the classes in any exact subject, he/she shall not be allowed to take the final examination in that subject.

Normal and Maximum Period of Stay at the Colleges

The usual duration for finishing the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA) program at the university will be four years. The maximum duration for the achievement of the requirements will be the Normal length plus two years.

Course Registration

The educational record of students is preserved in terms of the courses for which he/she registers in any semester, and the grades he/she obtains in those courses. Registering for courses is done at the opening of each semester. since registration is a very important procedural part of the credit system, it is totally vital that all students present themselves at the college. In case of sickness or any special conditions during the registration period, he/she must inform the principal of the same. Registration in absentminded may be allowable only in rate cases, at the preference of the principal. However, the student’s candidate cannot register for courses but will only be permissible to complete other procedures.

Repeating a Course

A course may be occupied only once for a grade, excluding when all a scholar gets a D or F grade. Since transitory off all core courses individually is a degree necessity, the students must retake the failing core courses when offered and must effectively complete the course. Regaining a course in which a student has earned a D grade is optional. However, a student cannot retake more than two courses in which he/she has received a D grade. The grade received on the retake will be extra than the grade earned the first time the course was taken.

Elective courses

The syllabus is oriented to have concentrated study in the field of attention with Course registration suppleness at least four courses. But in the future, Course registration elasticity shall be improved to a greater number of courses.

Award of Degre

Tribhuwan University awards Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA) degree upon achievement of all necessities as arranged in the course. Tribhuwan University awards grades as clarified in the syllabus on the basis of individual student’s relation implementation. The minimum number of credits Hours needed for a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application (BCA) degree is 126. Cumulative Grade Point Normal (CGPA) for the degree shall be given upon completion of all necessities.

Examining of Final Examination Paper

Students may spread on for re-totaling or rechecking of their grades as per University rule, upon the expense of arranged fee.

Note: The supplies of this document are not to be regarded as a compulsory contract between the University and the scholars. The University asserts the right to change any eatables or necessities confined in this document at any time, without pre-announcement, within the student’s term of residence.

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Tribhuvan University First Semester Syllabus

Tribhuvan University BCA Course Title

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