Main Storage devices in a computer


Storage devices are one of the major components of computer systems. These storage devices are using to store users’ data and information for long-term and short-term use. Storage devices are also very important for the processing capacity of computers. There are two types of storage devices used in computers are Primary Storage Devices and Secondary … Read more

Learn about Google Cloud Platform- GCP

Learn about Google Cloud Platform- GCP

Any new user of the Google Cloud Platform and trying to learn about it by checking GCP’s breadth, deploying some applications of yours and learn about google cloud big data and machine learning capabilities then you are on your favorite site. Our researcher’s study and writers will make you enough capable to learn the google … Read more

Standard hosting and managed hosting


If you are an application developer, web developer, and content creator then you have enough knowledge about all types of hosting. It is very much confusable for a beginner, here we will talk in detail about what is dedicated hosting, dedicated server, managed server, or managed to host. A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or … Read more

Dedicated and Shared Cloud Servers

dedicated and shared cloud servers

On a shared server everyone shared the same resources like bandwidth, CPU, RAM and so on which reduces costs considerably. This is normally fine but if one’s website suddenly starts getting huge traffic then it results in fewer resources to be shared among all the other users. This means that performance is affected for all … Read more



Data protection solutions for cloud storage security provide an entire and policy-based switch over how data can be stirred to and from the cloud, confirming that only lawful data shrubberies the company’s environment and that data access is partial to authorized revelries.  In doing so, businesses can enforce sterner protections around searching data than what … Read more

New cloud security controls 2023

New cloud security controls 2023

Even a little careless in development can be the cause of great damage or breaches on your cloud. This is the Era of the Internet and everything is possible with the internet. It’s upon you how confident you are to manage and address the problems. Don’t let even a little struggle to secure your business … Read more


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