gcp sign up – Your Detailed Guide

gcp signup process

Are you looking to run your applications on a reliable and secure cloud infrastructure? Look no further than the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With GCP, you can leverage the same technology that powers Google’s own applications to run your own applications with ease. Getting started with GCP is a breeze, and in this article, we’ll … Read more

8 Cheapest Cloud Storage Providers in 2023

Cheap top 8 cloud storage options 2022

Are you on the hunt for the best deal on cloud storage? Look no further! Whether you need storage for 1TB, 100GB, or any other amount, we’ve got you covered with a list of the top affordable options available. Saving money is always important, and with cloud storage, you can rest assured that you’re getting … Read more

What really is Virtual Private Cloud? VPC


What is Virtual Private Cloud? We can easily understand Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a very secure, isolated individual or private cloud which is hosted on a public Cloud. You may confuse what these VPC can do. These VPC’s can execute user-written codes and programs, stores user-defined data, host many websites, host an app and … Read more

Very Simple Way to Define Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Defination

What is Cloud Storage? Cloud Storage is a globally secure and scalable object store for immutable data such as images, text, videos, or any other file formats. You store objects in buckets, which are associated with a project, which are grouped under an organization. Here I will describe briefly way to define cloud storage with … Read more

Yahoo Small Business stills behind in the competition.

Yahoo small business vs wordpress vs blogger

You are not familiar with the history of the internet if you don’t know about yahoo. Yahoo is a very popular company that has its own search engine, mail services, web services, and many more services for developers and online marketers. Yahoo Small business falls under yahoo services, which provides web hosting, e-commerce developers, domain … Read more

Main Storage devices in a computer


Storage devices are one of the major components of computer systems. These storage devices are using to store users’ data and information for long-term and short-term use. Storage devices are also very important for the processing capacity of computers. There are two types of storage devices used in computers are Primary Storage Devices and Secondary … Read more


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