BCA Fifth Semester Books Tribhuvan University (TU)


Tribhuvan University (TU) has provided students with a list of Text Books and Reference Books which will help students read more value able information related to the Syllabus. In the Fifth Semester scholars have to complete their courses on MIS and E-Business, DotNet Technology, Computer Networking, Computer Graphics and Animation, Introduction to Management. Why should … Read more

WEB Development Courses in Texas

WEB Development Courses in Texas

Web development is becoming very popular and on trends these days. The high demand for front end and backend developer secures good income for a web developer. Well-trained web developers can earn enough to make their life professional. The United States is quite forward in web development and Texa’s Universities are providing high-level web developing … Read more

Online Courses in Texas [2021]

Online Courses in Texas [2021]

All Online Courses of Texas for worldwide Texas counts under the most developed states of the USA and its rank is 15th position on the development lists. Texas focused on two main fundamental infrastructure Health and Education. There are a total of 38 separate and distinct Universities in Texas. These universities are providing high-level courses … Read more

Pokhara University BCA Course Introduction

Pokhara University Fifth semester syllabus

This is a brief introduction to BCA Pokhara University. At Pokhara University BCA comes in faculty of Science and Technology. Pokhara University BCA Course takes 4 Years to complete. Each year divided into semesters. There are 2 semesters in 1 year and the whole course becomes 8 semesters.   An introduction to the Bachelor of … Read more

Pokhara University BCA Third Semester [PU 2021]

Pokhara University Syllabus

Pokhara University BCA third semester 2020 updated and refined syllabus. The provided syllabus is the official Pokhara University syllabus and maintained from the original document of the PU Syllabus.  CMP 225.3 System Analysis and Design (3-1-0) Evaluation:   Theory Practical Total Sessional 50 – 50 Final 50 – 50 Total 100 – 100 Course Objectives: … Read more


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