Very Simple Way to Define Cloud Storage

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What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is a globally secure and scalable object store for immutable data such as images, text, videos, or any other file formats. You store objects in buckets, which are associated with a project, which are grouped under an organization. Here I will describe briefly way to define cloud storage with some examples.

You can then upload objects to the bucket and download objects from it using the console or gsutil commands. By default, data at rest is encrypted. You have options to secure it with your own encryption keys using Google Cloud’s Key Management service or at your own key management service on-premise. You can fully control whom access to storage should grant or whom to now. You can share your project with your friend and staff.

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Cloud Storage Defination
What is cloud storage defined simply

When creating buckets, you have options depending on budget, availability, and access frequency. You can select a standard regional or multiregional data warehouse for high performance, instant access, and highest availability, As you know that it is free for the first month but it will be beneficial working in the long term. A standard storage plan is more expensive than a normal plan because it allows you to automatic redundancy and frequent access options.

How Google Define Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage offers automatic object versioning so you don’t have to worry about versioning and can still access the older version if needed. With Object Lifecycle Management, you can automatically transition the data to lower-cost storage classes when it reaches a certain age, or when you store a newer version of a file. If you store your related data and access them easily with a single API call for all types of storage plans. If you want to host static websites, streaming and storing documents. Standard regional and multiregional buckets are optimal to use for hosting static websites, streaming, and storing documents. Nearline and Coldline storage classes are widely used for backups and disaster recovery, and Archive, as the name suggests, is best for long-term archiving. Cloud Storage is a great data lake choice for streaming and batch uploading data for big data and ML projects.

Very Simple Way to Define Cloud Storage

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