Types Of Computer Graphics

There are two types of Computer Graphics based on the working process, user control and devices used. Interactive Computer Graphics and Non-Interactive Computer Graphics are two types of computer graphics. There are other categories of computer graphics in another context like 2D Graphics and 3D Graphics, Raster Graphics and Vector Graphics, etc. Here we will dive deep into Interactive and Non-Interactive Computer Graphics.

Interactive types of computer graphics
User Control Over Gaming

Interactive Computer graphics ( ICG)

It is the type of Computer Graphics which have dual communication between computer and user. Dual communication means the user can also control the graphics or image by providing a request with an input device. For example, Video game controller of FIFA game, Simulators, Smart Video Players, Graphics Applications, etc. The input device, the game controller helps to signal user requests to the computer and computer then transfer process requests to the running application or games. Get requests from users it modifies obtained the picture as per the will of the user and stored program of the application. It seems to the usual like a picture is changing instantaneously in response to users’ commands.

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User can I give multiple commands, every time user gets a graphical response from the computer. It makes the user motivated to work continuously with graphics. In this way, a user controls the computer graphics according to his needs or will.

Interactive Computer Graphics is making our life very easy to communicate with computers. Interactive Computer Graphics gives the user control of graphics. It affects human life indirectly in a number of ways. It helps to train a pilot through simulating airplanes. Flight simulators help Pilots to get trained well without sitting on airplanes without any risk. The flight simulator is a more cup of aircraft deck, containing all the systems of plane and surrounded by screens on which computer-generated views of terrain visible and takeoff and landing are projected.

In this way, interactive Computer Graphics makes the flight simulators more advantages over real crafts for training purposes such as fuel-saving safety and the ability to familiarize is the trainee with a large number of the world’s airports.

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There is a popular saying about computer graphics

Currently, computer graphics are used a great deal, but it can be excessive.

Hayao Miyazaki

Non-interactive Computer Graphics ( NICG )

Non-interactive Computer Graphics is also popularly known as the passive form of Computer Graphics. In this type of Computer Graphics, the user does not have any control over the picture or scene because it is designed statically. Non-interactive Computer Graphics just a stored image in computer memory and the user can only see it as it is designed or programmed. It is designed to give information to the user but not take any request from the user. It works linearly according to stored instructions. This image totally under the control of the program saved but not the on users. For example Screensavers, Titles is shown in TV Programs, etc.

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These are the two types of Computer Graphics on the basis of user interactions and controls. Both interactive and non-interactive computer graphics are developing rapidly in different applications. Hope you are now confident about the kind of computer graphics on the basis of user interaction.

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