6 Examples of Post Secondary Education

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Post-secondary education refers to educational programs that are beyond the level of secondary education, which typically includes high school. Post-secondary education can take many forms, including:

6 Examples of Post Secondary Education

1. College or university: These institutions offer a wide range of academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, leading to degrees such as associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

2. Trade or technical school: These schools offer programs that focus on specific vocational or technical skills, such as welding, automotive repair, or healthcare.

3. Community college: These colleges offer academic programs that are typically shorter and less expensive than those at four-year colleges or universities. They may offer associate’s degrees or allow students to transfer to a four-year institution to complete a bachelor’s degree.

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4. Continuing education or professional development programs: These programs are designed to help individuals update their skills or learn new ones in order to advance in their careers. They may be offered through colleges, universities, or other educational institutions.

5. Online education: Many colleges and universities offer online degree programs, as well as standalone courses, that allow students to complete their education remotely.

6. Apprenticeships: These programs allow individuals to learn a trade or skill by working with and learning from a mentor in a real-world setting. Apprenticeships are often offered in fields such as construction, manufacturing, and healthcare.

6 Examples of Post Secondary Education

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