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Major 2 important scopes of Economics

MyedutownJan 28, 20203 min read

The subject matter of economics does not remain constant over a long period of time. It changes with the change…

Top 5 ways to motivate kids

Top 5 ways to motivate kids

MyedutownJan 30, 20204 min read

It is very important to train kids from an early stage. Parents must focus to give the right counseling to…


8 Major Causes of Inequality

MyedutownFeb 5, 20205 min read

Inequality is defined as the situation in which income and wealth are distributed unequally among the people of a country.…


What are the types of poverty?

MyedutownFeb 6, 20204 min read

Poverty is the problem of the economic development of developing countries. Hence, the main objective of economic growth is to…

6 Most Important types of CASE Tools

6 Most Important types of CASE Tools

MyedutownFeb 8, 20204 min read

Computer-aided systems engineering (CASE), also called computer-aided software engineering. is a technique that uses powerful software, called the CASE tool,…


Major 8 Characteristics of Poverty

MyedutownFeb 8, 20205 min read

Those people who cannot afford standard and comfortable life due to the lack of money are considered poor people. Characteristics…


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