BCA 7th Semester Syllabus TU PDF

The BCA 7th Semester Syllabus consists of five subjects: three compulsory subjects, Cyber Law and Professional Ethics, Cloud Computing, Internship, and two electives. TU created a seventh-semester syllabus that emphasized professional usage with theory. Some programming subjects also provide students with advanced knowledge in their field of study.

Subject NameCode
1. Cyber Law and Professional EthicsCACS401
2. Cloud ComputingCACS402
3. InternshipCACS403
BCA 7th Semester Subjects

BCA 7th Semester All Elective Subjects

You can select electives from a variety of subjects to learn about subjects that interest you. Your electives and core courses together make up the overall number of units required to earn your degree. The TU BCA’s 7th-semester electives are shown here. You can also download the PDF version of the BCA 7th syllabus.

Elective SubjectsCourse Codes
1. Image ProcessingCACS404
2. Database AdministrationCACS405
3. Network AdministrationCACS406
4. Software Project ManagementCACS407
5. Advanced .Net TechnologyCACS408
6. E-GovernanceCACS409
7. Artificial IntelligenceCACS410
BCA 7th Semester All Elective Subjects

TU BCA 7th Semester Syllabus
BCA 7th Sem Complete Syllabus

BCA 7th Semester Complete Syllabus

You can find all of the BCA 7th Semester Syllabus here, organized by subject. We are attempting to make the entire syllabus understandable to you. The syllabus of compulsory subjects is given first, followed by the syllabus of all elective subjects.

1. Cyber Law and Professional Ethics [CACS401]

2. Cloud Computing [CACS402]

3. Internship [CAIN403]

4. Electives I

5. Electives II

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How many subjects do I need to study in BCA 7th TU?

There is a total of 4 subjects you need to study with 1 Internship.

What is the syllabus of the 7th Semester BCA TU?

Cyber Law and Professional Ethics, Cloud Computing, Internship, Elective I and Elective II.

What are the elective subjects in BCA 7th Semester TU?

There are a total of 7 elective subjects in BCA 7th Semester TU. Image Processing, Database Administration, Network Administration, Software Project Management, Advanced .Net Technology, E-Governance, and Artificial Intelligence

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