Importance of human resources

8 Importance of Human Resources

Human resource has an important role to play in the economic development of a country. A healthy, skilled, and educated population is the pre-condition of …

Major 8 Characteristics of Poverty

Those people who cannot afford standard and comfortable life due to the lack of money are considered poor people. Characteristics of poor people cannot be …

What are the types of poverty?

Poverty is the problem of the economic development of developing countries. Hence, the main objective of economic growth is to reduce poverty. Developing countries’ present …

8 Major Causes of Inequality

Inequality is defined as the situation in which income and wealth are distributed unequally among the people of a country. It is also known as …

Major 8 Types of Unemployment

Unemployment is defined as the non-availability of the job (works) for people able and willing to work at the existing wage rate. It is a …


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