IDK | What does IDK mean

Definition of IDK

IDK(idk) is the abbreviation of the phrase I Don’t Know which is commonly used in texting. The new generation is leading towards an easy and standard way of talking so they are making short and sweet words for long sentences they are known as slang. idk meaning in a text is most commonly used in informal communication. idk emoji and idk meme are also used in place of idk in texting.

IDK meaing described
IDK | What does IDK mean

Meaning of Idk

A lot of people become very confused when they listen to slang words or abbreviations in texting. Idk mean “I don’t know ” Those who are active in social media and texting they have to use such words as IDK, idek, YW, URW, YVW, Pepega etc. Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are borning these slang words. It makes us our writing fast and improves our conversation style. People often search for what does idk mean because they have to face problems in their informal conversation. When a friend reply idk in chatting then you must need to know what does IDK means. Therefore it is necessary to know such trending meanings of texting words. 

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IDK meaning in texting 

The meaning of idk is the same ” I Don’t Know” in the use of texting also. When we write I don’t know in chatting then it takes time and seen lengthy. People also think that using short forms is stylish and modern. You should know these words so you don’t need to search what does IDK means. Social media born these many types of slang to make conversation easy and modern. Twitter-born word phrases and hashtags are becoming popular these days. After becoming popular these words also evolve in pictorial formats like IDK emoji, IDK gif to use in IDKmeme. We should know trading slang so that we never get confused.

IDK Emoji

Emojis are the representation of the words and feelings used in electronic messages and web pages. If we think about idk emoji then it should be like a strange signed face. It should include facial unknown expressions. Almost all keyword software and apps have automated emoji systems. When we write the words it will show related emojis. When you will write I don’t know then it will automatically show idk emoji.   

IDK Meme

The meme is an image, video, piece of text, short animation, etc generally humorous in nature which is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations. When idk becomes very popular slang in texting then it influences the social medial by the use of idk meme. People use this meme in place of texting. IDK meme expresses graphically ” I Don’t Know”. In social media, people use this to tag and target a huge audience with a popular or trending coincidence.

IDK gif

If you are using social media for texting then you have seen many gifs that you can send in reply to the message. IDK gif express in animation ” I don’t know”. Here a moving person or thing expresses just like he/she really doesn’t know what others asking about. IDK gifs keyword has a high search rate in google which shows that people need some gifs which show their expression.  

At last, but not least IDK meaning is ” I Don’t Know” which mostly uses in social media texting. Now I am sure that you will now again search on google for what do idk mean and know this slang.

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