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Idrk is a slang word mostly uses in informal texting. Its meaning is ” I don’t really know”. People use this short form to avoid lengthy texting in a stylish way. It cannot be used in formal texting because readers may not know what does IDRK means. Generally, during our conversation, we might see various typing & texting styles like IDEK, IDK, DM, etc. Sometimes these slangs become very significant to us so, let’s learn more about IDRK Slang.

What does idrk mean
What does idrk mean?

What does idrk mean

Simply, the meaning of this slang is I don’t really know however, almost all people might confuse when they listen to slang words. Such slang words can generally be used in social media where we usually can see these types of words. Nowadays many youths use slang words in spite of proper words.

Why people use Slangs in texting

The way of texting may vary from different people. Normal people usually text in an appropriate way however some people who want to replay within a fraction of second use short from just like that we can use these short slangs in order to save our time. simply we can use slang not only to save our time but also to maintain the typing and texting styles. in past days people enjoy using appropriate texting style however in this era maximum number of youth use the abbreviation phase just like IDRK. Normally those people who always hanging on the phone and internet use these types of texting styles in the meme, troll, and emoji. in spite of texting, I don’t really know we can use idrk.

How slang attract people

It might be difficult for normal people to identify that whether slang words attract people toward it or not. however, we have to see its effect and affect from both point of view namely normal people enjoy to use usually texting styles like I don’t know, I don’t really know , good night , good morning, see you were as if we see from the point of view of the young dynamic and energetic youth they enjoy to see new texting style where they want to maximize their way of texting style, so we cant assure that slang attract people or not but at least from the point of view of new generation we can say that slang attract people.

Do you know these slangsYWIDK, IDRK, TBH, FWIW, LAMAO, etc.

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Popular IDRK formats in social medias


Initially let’s learn what is emoji and its origin. Emojis are ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and web pages and the origin of emojis is japan. simply we use emoji in order to show our feelings in a better way rather than text. here we can use idrk to show other people that we don’t really know anything about what other people ask us.

Why people use IDRK meme?

A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries a symbolic meaning which we can use to represent our particular phenomenon or theme. We can use idrk meme to express I don’t really know, in our daily life maximum number of memes simply we can use idrk meme to express we don’t really know.

Using IDRK as Gif

let’s learn the full form of gif which is a graphics interchange format. we use idrk gif to express we don’t really know in social media like Facebook Instagram Twitter WhatsApp etc.

Hope after this article you have completed your queries about emerging slang and its meanings. It is becoming very common to use slang and short forms. It is not only in social media texting but we can find others using it in formal talking.

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