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The basic human needs technique is a classic way of measuring absolute poverty in developing nations. Basic needs are the minimum needs required to live a human life. There are certain things that every family needs. These things include food, roof, clothes, health service, education, etc. 

Top basic human need
No one lives without these needs

What are basic necessities?

All the people in the family are satisfied when these things are available to them. With the increase in the size of the family, the quantities of these things have to be increased. 

The head of the family should think about whether he is in a position to increase the quantities. On the wise increase in the size of the family can cause an economic board to stop the effect will be the decline in the standard of living. The supply of basic needs will be difficult. apart from food, house, growth, education, other things are essential for a happy family. each member should be pleased with others. Therefore, mutual love is necessary.

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Definition of Basic Necessities

The necessities of the family can be broadly divided into two categories according to the psychologist Abraham Maslow.

A. Basic Needs

Food, clothes, house, health service, education, sex, and security come in the category.

B. Additional Needs
Love, affection, cooperation, honor, dignity freedom, self-development, etc. fall in this class.

Family needs can be presented in terms of a pyramid as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The need at the lower level has to be met before a higher level of needs is considered.

7 Fundamental Basic Human Needs

According to Maslow, the first Prime Minister is a psychological need, which consists of needs like fresh air food, drink, sex, and flip. The second lead consists of safety protection security for law etc. These two types of needs are our basic needs. the third, 4th and 5th needs are additional needs. Happy family needs the fulfillment of these requirements. If the family is small, the human needs like food clothing shelter education, health are easily fulfilled. Enough income is necessary for the fulfillment of these needs. Laborious, skill and healthy person can on income. The basic needs of humans are.

1. Food

The first and most important need for the family is food without which no one can survive. Lack of food creates this content quarrels and even starvation in the family. There should be sufficient food for all list of it is a wrong concept that expensive food is good. even the food is nutritious sometimes it is not tasty. What is required, as regards food, is that it should be noted as. everyone should try to have a balance right so that they are healthy and can work efficiently.

2. Housing

Another important need for the family is the Centre (house). No one can live without any shelter. Everyone wants to be protected from sun, rain, dust, cold, or strong. the house protects the person from bad weather. it provides protection against animals and burglars, too. So, every family must have a house to live in. it must be dry clean, well ventilated, and adequately arranged. Every person arranges his house according to the needs and requirements of his daily life. 

3. Clothing

Clothing is necessary for everybody please stop it is a sign of Civilization, besides protecting the body from rain, dost, Sun, cold, etc. Which affects the body adversely. Clothing determines the level of standard of living standard of the people these days. It is against Civilization and morality to move without clothes on. People started to count their personalities according to the clothes that they put on. It makes it necessary for everyone to wear clothes. there are different types of clothing for different seasons cotton clothes are suitable for summer, woolen clothes for winter. We should always use dry and clean clothes.

4. Health

Sound health has been accepted as a right of human beings. bought many people have been deployed of this right please stop the head of the family has to talk after that everyone is in good health. It is wrong to think that only rich people can be healthy. Health does not depend on wealth, of course, the treatment of diseases depends on the wealth list of health education can provide knowledge about how to be healthy and how to preserve health.

5. Education

One of the essential needs of the family is education. education is a must in this Complex Modern era as it is a key to development. Everyone in the family should be educated. then, they will understand each other better. education help solve the problems that arise in the family. above all, it enables people to on living which is essential in the age of economic complexity.

6. Security

Peace and security is an essential aspect of the Family Welfare. The family is happy when there is peace and security. in educating means and source of livelihood and opportunities create on expected problems and disturb peace in the family consequently and an atmosphere of awe and insecurity is created. In this state, there will be no happiness in the family. So, security is regarded as a chief need of the family. the family is a happy family in which those basic needs are easily fulfilled. If the family needs are not fulfilled, we try our best to fulfill them. the size of the family affects their fulfillment. in a small family, we can easily fulfill those needs bought in a large family large income is necessary for stop, therefore, a small family is considered as an idle and appropriate family.

7. Love and Belonging As uppermost level of Needs

Love and belonging need are related to love and affection. Esteem needs mean excitement, status, responsibility, station, self-respect, and respect for others. Finally, self-actualization means the realization of one’s importance of self-satisfaction, personal growth, and fulfillment. 

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7 Basic Human Needs | Basic Necessities

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