Cloud Storage | Best Cloud Storage [2021]

Cloud storage is a type of computer data storage that stores data digitally and logically with the help of logical pools. IT is said to be stored in the cloud due to its logical feature. We have given here the best cloud storage for 2021 after comparing some trending clouds. Good companies only buy the finest online drive storage for fast and reliable performance. Selecting affordable cloud storage needs much research and time.  

Cloud Storage | Best Cloud Storage [2021]

How we choose the best cloud storage

We have done broad research of more than 45 cloud storage providers to give you a list of good cloud storage for your business. We have focused to select cloud storage according to its storage capacity, price, file size, ease of use, fast servers, and more secure. Our selection made us more confident when we research users’ feedback towards their cloud storage. 

The old and primitive way of physical storage is completely lowered by modern online cloud storage solutions. Online cloud storage services make digital data mobile and portable. Now files and folders are not kept in a single local server hard drive but they can be accessed anywhere from other hardware. 

You may be using cloud storage knowingly or unknowingly in android, windows, or in iOS to store your file, folders, image, and videos. Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft dropbox are also some example of cloud storage

Who are cloud storage providers

Cloud storage providers are the company who provides computer system resources on-demand, especially storage and computing power to the client without direct active management of users. Among many cloud storage providers, we have to choose one cloud storage provider very wisely caring services and charge.
Before choosing your cloud storage provider you must read all the terms and conditions of their company.

Reviews of best Cloud Storage Provider Video

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Cloud Storage | Best Cloud Storage [2021]
Cloud Storage | Best Cloud Storage [2021]

Top five cloud storage services for business

These are the best five chosen cloud storage services that need to consider before planning to buy cloud storage.  

1. IDrive – Best cloud storage for backups

IDrive offers simultaneously syncing of our files, even those provided on network drives. Its backup power is not limit only for local hardware stores but it continuously synchronizes our social media and can directly share files and folders by email, Facebook, and Twitter. It automatically stores all excess files and folders and stores even deleted on client hardware. So it keeps us out of danger of losing data. It can backup every updated version of files and folders up to 30 versions. 

Another most important feature of IDrive cloud storage is IT admins have access to the drive the client application, which enables IT admins to backup/ restore, manage settings, and check the connections of all connected data centers. It becomes the center of the data storage flow.

AI feature of IDrive automatically recognizes the picture and collects them to specific files so, it reduces the work of the user to manage such little things. It also offers IDrive express which directly sends us a physical hard disk drive if we lose all our data.

It also has a business version named ad IDrive Business which offers priority support, single sign-on as well as unlimited user and server backups. Personal storage in IDrive is 5TB-10TB per user, their business plan consists of storage between 250 GB to 12.5 TB of cloud storage. It is giving a special offer for students. 

Check All Feature of IDrive

See All Pricing and Plans
Pricing of IDrive  

Cloud Storage | Best Cloud Storage [2021]

2. Google Drive – Best Free Cloud Storage Service

I am sure that you may be using this google storage product knowingly or unknowingly. Google has provided the cheapest and reliable cloud storage solution. All google products have direct access to this cloud storage which makes it easier to use it. If your company is using GSuite, Android, or other google products then you absolutely make google cloud storage your best cloud storage solution.    Google has provided 15 GB of free cloud storage for users connected with Gmail. This cloud storage is linked with all google products and your linking devices for the backup process. It regularly synchronizes user device once it needs access to local storage.    Another good feature of google drive is that it is an integrated part of all androids, Chromebooks, and other google products along with Adobe Products, Atlassian, DocuSign, Salesforce, Slack, and many others software and apps. Google Drive API can be integrated with many third parties apps and plugins on user auth. Google spreadsheet, word processors, PDF viewer or can be integrated with Microsoft Word document.   Google Cloud storage is very perfect for individuals and small organizations and it is also giving15 GB storage for free. If you want to increase storage then you can also get very cheap cloud storage starting only at $6 per user a month and comes with 30GB of cloud storage. It also gives a host of other important features like Gmail business email and googles meet video conferencing. Cloud searching is not available in this package.   If you are looking for cheap unlimited cloud storage then google is providing only at  $12 per user a month in business package. Not only unlimited cloud storage but it is also providing smart cloud search which allows users to search for files and assets across all of G Suite. Admin controls are also available in this package. Only Internal cloud searching is available in this package.   Cloud storage for large companies and enterprise is also available on google drive package starts at $25 per user a month. It has all features of the lower package along with complete administrative control and security backups.   Pricing Of Google Cloud StorageComparision of package detailed

Cloud Storage | Best Cloud Storage [2021]

3. Zoolz Cloud Storage – Best Unlimited Cloud Storage

If you want to know about Zoolz cloud Backup then you are at the right place. Let’s learn about Zoolz cloud backup. Initially, we have to know what is cloud backup simply it provides the easiest way to follow interface appropriately so that user can excess their information in a proper way without having an issue which can combine cloud operations with local (our own pc) external storage.

This is UK based company that leverages amazon web services (AWS) infrastructure to provide a minimum price time, minimum efficiency, and minimum effort in cheaper than the competition moreover it provides us many features like instant search or data policies. It also has both internal and external searching on the server. Personal individual or user are allowed to connect in a network unlimited external drives, consumer and services with GDPR/HIPAA compliance, and 4-week money-back guarantee present to factor. It provides users the right to choose packages between 1TB, 2TB, or 5TB package that charge as minimum as they can which is $500 per month which is applicable only for when we book for 240 weeks which means for five years. 

Zoolz Cloud Storage Pricing

Cloud Storage | Best Cloud Storage [2021]

We want to use the upgrade version of Zoolz Cloud then it provides you upgrade version which they called BigMind that help to add artificial intelligence which we can manly used for image discovery and facial recognition.further more than 20Peca Byte(PB)(that’s 20,000 TeraBytes) of data stored for 30 lakh user for more than 10 years.
Features of Zoolz Cloud Storage
Pricing of Zoolz Cloud Storage

zoolz comparison cloud storage

4. pCloud – Best Cheap Cloud Storage 

pCloud is a lifetime subscription cloud storage and is regarded as secure and reliable cloud storage. It is free from multiple limitations like limited file size for the data and downloading and uploading speed. This feature is available for all users whether it is free or premium. Features of pCloud

Cloud Storage | Best Cloud Storage [2021]

Its file management feature is also attracting users because it is providing searching filtering and the trashing of data form the cloud. You can share the folder by inviting through sharing which needs permission. The shared links can be protected by using passwords and expiration date can be set. It can be used as hosting to Statics HTML websites to store images and videos.

Regular synchronization is available to store files and folders as a backup. You never need to fear hardware disturbance and storage stolen. An automatic upload feature is also available which uploads data of your devices regularly. Social integration is also available to backup social photos and videos regularly.

It has three types of plans and packages monthly. annual and lifetime. The monthly plan has premiums at $4.9 per month and a premium plus $9.99$ per month. The annual plan has the same features which start at $47.88(premium) and $95.88(premium plus). The last package is Lifetime for $175(premium) and $350(premium plus) which is regarded as and best-valued package.Pricing of pCloudFeatures of pCloud Pricing of pCloud

Best cloud storage

5. Microsoft One Drive cloud storage- Best for Microsoft users and Microsoft office

As we talked about all features of google drive and it is also the same for Microsoft service users. It has very clean integration with office products and outlook mail service. You may know that your pc or laptop uses Microsoft account which has a direct link to the Microsoft cloud storage. It synchronizes all the important user’s data and makes very easy or users when they log in their account with another device. It is integrated with non-Microsoft services like design behemoth, AutoCAD. 
File sharing is also very easy and interesting because you can share files and folders to users even they are not one drive users.
Microsoft is a very large company but one disappointing matter is they are providing only 5GB free space bu and very cheap to increase to 100 GB is only $1.99. 
It is best for those who are very busy working in Microsoft Office and other Microsoft services because it automatically synchronize the latest updates in data. Educational institutions mostly use Microsoft cloud storage because it also provides access to office 365 with cloud storage. 
Microsoft 365 package which is also known as office 365 provides you 1 TB storage facility with all versions of Microsoft services which costs around $144 for a standard business plan and the cheap version is an available in-home plan for the best value of 6 users at $99.99 and gives 1 TB per user. The business version has one extra benefit of a 100 GB file upload limit with Microsoft Teams. Features of  Microsoft Drive for personal vaultFeatures of Microsoft Drive for PC folder backupMicrosoft cloud storage pricing   Microsoft Cloud Storage Pricing  

best cloud storage

Cloud storage solutions are the best option for today’s needs and everyone must focus on using cloud storage instead of using a local storage device. Only those task which is not possible with cloud storage should be done by local storage. According to a little research, the only youtube uses 77.7 Peta bite every year.

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